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Please send your inquiries to our email (kwelec@transistor.kr) / Tel (+82-2-2277-7781) / Fax (+82-2-2277-7782).
Business Area
Keunwoo electronics is a stocking distributor with over 20,000 line items and 30 million parts actually 'IN-STOCK' from various manufacturers. Active components such as TR, IC, FET, IGBT, and diodes are our main items.

We have been supplying electronic components to many different manufacturers as well as to other distributors. Exporting and importing electronic components and providing technical advices on semiconductors are our other important jobs.

We are also a buyer of surplus and disused electronic components. We can provide a fast solution to your problem. Please provide us with the necessary information including the part number and quantity, or you can simply call or email us.
Main Items
TR 2SA / 2SB / 2SC / 2SD series
MJ / MJE / KSE series
2N series
BC / BD / BDX / BDW series
MPS / MMBT series and more...
IC STK series
LA / LB / LC / LM series
AN / BA / TA / KIA / KA / TC / NJM / TDA series
UPC / UPD series and more...
FET 2SJ / 2SK series and more...
Diode 1N40 / 1N540 series
RL20 series
6A / 10A series
Rectifier / Fast recovery / Ultra-fast recovery / Schottky / Bridge / Damper diodes and more...
Others IGBT / SCR / Triac / Sidac and more...
Vendor List
Following is only the representative vendors we deal:
Ga-4309, Jungang Circulation Complex, 15, Gyeongin-ro 53-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 08217   Tel: +82-2-2277-7781   Fax: +82-2-2277-7782   Email: kwelec@transistor.kr
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