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About Keunwoo Electronics
Keunwoo Electronics is a stocking electronic components distributor located in Chungang Circulation Complex, the biggest electronic components market place in Asia. Our specialties include TR, IC, FET, IGBT, Diode as well as other related products. We are very excited about the wide range of products we offer.

Keunwoo Electronics is now being operated by the second generations of the family, serving in this business since 1973. We believe it is the partnership with all our customers that makes us who we are. In order to meet the wishes of our valued customers our team has been meeting intensely to strengthen our ability to serve this partnership. We thank all our customers and will continue to be a quality and professional distributor.

Keunwoo Electronics
[Vision]   Quality & Professional Global Distributor
Expand Business Field
Overseas Expansion
Broaden Market
Develop competitive power
Acquire agency from new vendors
Expand to strong electronic components markets such as China, USA, UK, etc
Active and progressive supply to manufacturers
Straighten and shorten distribution chain, and reinforce profit
Exact and fast delivery, superior quality, always do better than the best!
Official distributor of Melody IC manufacturer
Supply to a vehicle electronic products manufacturer
Expand and move to Chungang Circulation Complex, Guro
Begin business with Samsung Electro-mechanics
Supply to a medical instrument manufacturer
Expand the store at Yeji-dong, Jongro
Supply to a living electronic products manufacturer
Open a store at Yeji-dong, Jongro
Establish Keunwoo electronics, an electronic components distributor
Ga-4309, Jungang Circulation Complex, 15, Gyeongin-ro 53-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 08217   Tel: +82-2-2277-7781   Fax: +82-2-2277-7782   Email: kwelec@transistor.kr
Keunwoo Electronics   TR, IC, FET, DIODE, etc Copyright by Keunwoo Electronics. All Rights Reserved.